Things have been kind of hectic at Mousybabe HQ, with travels to Mexico and LA, a DC Clov show, Crafty Bastards, and also some serious movin’ and packin’. Sometimes this forces us to streamline our basic daily requirements, such as the always-joyful, always-scintillating Food Question… What ever shall I eat today?

At Whole Foods the other week, avocados were 4 for $5 (!!!). I mused gleefully that there must be a huge, delightful glut of avocados somewhere in the world which has led to this bargain price for omega-3 fats, as me & Chops gathered 8-10 avocados into our knapsack. Since then I’ve discovered what a wonderful and luxurious dish the simple combination of avocados and rice is : ) Just chop the avocado into little cubes, sprinkle over rice, and add any kind of seasoning your tummy desires. We even embellished with things we had in the fridge – no cooking involved, except for the rice!

-2 avocados
-handful of grape tomatoes
-minced red onions
-handful of black beans
-bowl of hot rice
-optional seasonings: sea salt, black pepper, furikake, nori tsukudani (seaweed in a jar, mm!), hot sesame oil, garlic olive oil

Oh, and I made lentil soup for the first time. Chops was out and like a good little homemaker, I surmised that he would be hungry when he got back. I found a bag of lentils that’s been intimidating me in my kitchen cabinet ever since I bought it, and whipped up a hot peppery delicious okra and lentil soup!

-onions chopped lengthwise
-thinly sliced garlic
-chopped okra bought fresh from the local market(!)
-frozen little shrimp
-a bit of chicken bouillon, salt and pepper
-1/2 baggie of lentils

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