EMA at U Hall. I got myself a good spot (for crotch shots). I applaud (Erika M. Anderson) for bringing back the stirrups along with a cute girlish pair of retro saddle shoes. All the while being pretty all-around badass.

Very intriguing electric viola (or violin? it sounded tuned down) going on by Mr. Performance Art Major at stage left.

Kudos to UHall for working with Black Cat and 9:30 Club to get indie rock acts into the club. I’m glad UHall is a great outlet for dj’s, but this girl just … really likes bands I guess. hehe!

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Hey, I’m a NYC transplant to Milan and don’t uslualy write messages (or anyway, not often enough, according to my mom). Just wanted to say that the reviews of yr record piqued my curiosity. One is never sure if things will live up to expectations but in this case, it really did, and more. After 40 years of listening to music, it’s nice to still find something that grabs me and won’t let go of the stereo; you’ve been on constant repeat for the last week or so. I spent today trawling around the internet, looking at videos, downloading (legally! I paid!) the Gowns album and generally being an obsessive fan. It was fun and you seem like a good person. Anyway, thanks for the music. Come to Milan the city is not all that but there’s a lot of good wine and I make a mean ragu.


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