Chops got his new pair of white Palladium shoes just in time for my cousin’s wedding this weekend in Philly! Check ’em out – Slim Oxford Palladiums in a breezy summer color. They’ll go well with his suit.

I secretly like that they border on prep-school/”I’ll-be-vacationing-on-my-yacht-this-weekend” footwear. But Chops in yacht shoes is kinda like Ralph Nader in a business suit… 😉 It works. Only because it doesn’t work.

Let’s not forget, though, that Palladium is actually pretty FER RILLZ. They started out as a French company in the 1920’s making tires for the aviation industry. After WWII, when nobody needed tires for planes anymore, they started using their canvas and rubber to make kickass boots. How ingenious is that. They didn’t even need trade adjustment assistance (har har)…they just effin’ did it.

I have my own pair of black canvas Palladium combat boots to brag about by the way. They’re so comfy and durable that I’ve made them my official Suzi-Takes-Manhattan shoes – the pair I wear when I know I’ll have to be on foot all day in New York. And to further legitimize my choice of hardcore footwear, even the French legionnaires adopted Palladium shoes as their boot of choice! Yep, these here are the Pampa Peloton style that I own and luvv:

Thank you Palladium.

Your Loyal Brand Fan,

Written by devotchkaa

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