Last week, I had the very rare occasion of hosting guests hailing all the way from Deutschland! So I decided they deserved a special sweet treat from the House of Hsu-Pfeiffer. Mostly, I was giddy to make cookies for someone other than Sven and me… I shed the customary guilt for every decadent tablespoon of butter or brown sugar I plopped into the batter.

After searching the ‘nets for recipes, I happened upon this little bit of heaven: raspberry cream sandwich cookies on Fresh raspberries! White chocolate! And indeed, so the results confirmed:

A little cookie-making play-by-play, starting with the sandwich bun-ettes. The batter was a little loose so I had to squeeze them hard into little 1-inch balls so they wouldn’t fall apart. Put the suckers in the oven, only to find out they were a little too close together, resulting in a few megablob cookies (reference giant siamese cookie, below right :(). But with a butter knife and a few fast-acting surgical maneuvers, I managed to salvage most of them.

Making the raspberry puree was a serious pain in my muffins, though  well worth the trouble as I would later learn. After pureeing the stuff, I painstakingly pushed it through a baby sieve (below left) to weed out the itty bitty seeds. Below right was the solid shtuff that was left in the sieve.

Then came the melted white chocolate, which I combined with the raspberry juice to make the luscious pot of fuschia-hued cream pictured below right. I must have worked too hard at getting every last drop of raspberry juice since the cream was a little runny, even after an hour in the fridge. But it eventually solidified in between the cookies overnight.

Paired each of the cookies together using the raspberry cream as my glue, and bah-boom: Raspberry cream sammies. Next time, I’d cut the sugar down in the cookie batter, especially since the cream filling more than makes up for it.

I doubt anyone can muster the willpower to follow this last piece of advice… but wait a few hours before commencing cookie consumpton. You’ll spare yourself a puddle of runny raspberry cream to wipe up, hehe.

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