So I’m almost finished with this little baggie that I started making before my sewing machine’s backstitch function broke several months ago. (It has since gone through the (Soviet) Sears repair process.)

It’s a pretty simple bag – the same pattern that’s used at Bits of Thread in Adams Morgan. I made one before using a pink upholstery-type fabric, but after I came across this grey floral print I thought it would work well on a bag like this too!

I also experimented with adding a little pocket. As you may discern, the shape of the pocket (and even the bag itself) is a little crooked due to my skillz but I think I’ll just use these aspects as a selling point hehe. Yeah man, just turn your liabilities into assets … that’s the name of the game. It’s all in how you look at it. After all, this is proof it was made by a little human being with flaws and feelings ha. Not an ole machine. Pfssh, this isn’t the 1940s people. BTW folks, the pocket is lined on the inside. That’s some serious value-added. You can see the fabric I used for the lining — little baby blue spirals on a beige backdrop!

This is me trying it out on my shoulder hehe. Couldn’t quite get a good angle but. Nevertheless, I think it’s safe to say that I look pretty cool with it. No? You don’t think so too? Anyway, I still have to iron it so maybe that will help level it up even more :)

I’m really hoping to be able to get more stuff-making in this summer now that our Clov shows are outta the way until late August. For now, the new record is in the mixing and production process, which is mostly John’s albatross hehe. The rest of us just sit back and wait for the mixes to come in by email so we can comment on it … stuff like “dude, my vocals are not loud enough. LOUDER PLEASE. LIKE REALLY LOUD PLEASE.”

This is my weekend afternoon set-up (below)!

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