I’ve been slackin and missed the last handful of DC record fairs. But I made up for it this past Sunday by moseying on over to The Fillmore! (though not before lunching with Chops & fam at the nearby Mandalay Burmese restaurant in Silver Spring).

As you can see … tons of music dweebs picking through crates of tattered and dog-eared records.

I’m obliged to assume that for most of them, it’s their once-a-season social event.

And they only deigned to make it out of their caves because they were guaranteed to engage in single-track conversations about either 1) the greatest albums of all time, or more importantly, 2) the rarest and most obscure albums of all time… basically nerd speak that would usually invite moderate degrees of social alienation at your office happy hour or family bbq.

Of course I forgot my phone at home (dammit I wanted to tweet from the fair!), so I’m relying on these fab photos from Shairy Pabon and Alison Tremblay on The Vinyl District’s recap post.

Great albums. And great arms.

Really nice to see local artists and shopkeepers incorporated — case in point, the folks from Pyramid Atlantic Art Center were on site screenprinting spiffy little red totes to commemorate the fair.

Speaking of which, Em, Chops and I are stopping by a couple screenprinting workshops in the next week or two — one here in DC (moderated by our very own Anthony Dihle of Fire Studio and Pleasant Plains Workshop), and another in NYC next weekend at Polluted Eyeball … We’ll see what we come up with. Maybe we’ll share it on this blog :)

Anyhow, another event splendidly done, so kudos to the organizers as always for throwing their energy behind something like this — Neal Becton (Som Records), Jon Meyers (The Vinyl District) and Kevin Coombe (DC Soul Recordings), who just got hitched, congrats!

Ohpe and these were my pickin’s from that day:

… i like old records :)

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