ray’s hellburgers are no joke…

after much hullabalooh from friends & co-workers, we finally went for an inaugural taste-test sunday night.
the fun thing about ray’s is the array of special cheeses and toppings you can pile on, like epoisse, foie gras, and applewood smoked bacon. i was quite torn between the muenster and imported double-cream brie cheeses, but quite predictably fell for the brie…with charred jalapenos on top. mmmmmm. true to their reputation, the patties are JUICY. susan and i both asked for medium rare but hers was bloodier, much pinker and fleshier. hmpf. :(

but think twice before you get the roasted garlic topping. dunno where they grow their garlic but you’ll be emitting like it for ~24 hours after ingestion.

do enjoy the juicy cob o’ corn and a watermelon slice though that come with the burger. pretty frickin juicy meal all around if you ask me.
we toted our take-out cartons to the theater room in our apartment where we topped our burgers off with a screening of Shaun of the Dead. nothing like a good zombie movie to wash down the beef. especially the scene where david gets his intestines ripped out of his gut by overzealous zombies.

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