Day off for a moogle. Nothing beats a relaxing sunny afternoon to sit at my table with my laptop and sewing machine, and a hot cup o’ joe to boot :) Check out my sick pink skull mug, newly gifted by Mama Hsu (TJ Maxx Retail: $3.99).

I have a handful of things on my agenda today:
1. Sign off on the final mixes of the new Exit Clov record before they are shipped out for mastering. CHECK!

2. Admire the results of my last product development session hehe. CHECK. I’ve been doing stupid little photoshoots of my newest babies… these are a couple linen dishtowels that Em and I sewed and blockprinted on. A little birdie in a cage!

I think I used the wrong type of ink though (Speedball oil-based block printing paint), so the image might very well dissolve in the wash. I figured I’d best take my pictures now and prepare to say my goodbyes in the laundry room. (BTW the fabulous brown and cream linens were gotten from Gray Line Linen in Manhattan.)

3. Last but not least, continued product development on these durned froot bags. I’ve been able to make very lightweight, no-frills bags out of muslin so far, but I think the bags could use a little more structure to protect the fruit from bruising. So my next objective is a drawstring baggie with a lining. Stay tuned 😉 *S

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