I finally have a Brooks saddle! Thanks to one certain wonderful doting Chops for my birthday. The caramel brown seat is a delight to my quaint British aesthetic sensibilities… (I’m kidding, I don’t have any such sensibilities. Any British-ish sensibilities I have would tend more towards the ’80s post-punk era hehe). Nevertheless it’s true I have been randomly sighing and mewing how nice it would be one day to invest in a quality handcrafted Brooks bike seat that’s more comfy, contoured to my butt, and — most importantly — it’s adorable and caramel brown. (I know I have my priorities straight!) I did a little photo shoot of the saddle this morning to take advantage of the daylight in my sunroom. The saddle is so photogenic. Hope you enjoy all of these pics.

A little backstory on Brooks saddles that hipsters are sure to enjoy… Apparently, Mr. John Boultbee Brooks of Hinckley in Leicestershire first invented the Brooks saddle in 1878 after his horse died and, alas, he was too poor to replace the horsie. Though he owned and ran a horse harness & leather shop, he was forced to start riding a bike to work. Over time, probably due to a chapped and painful butt, he became determined to design a saddle that was actually comfy, and henceforth was born the patented Brooks saddle! It takes awhile for the leather to contour to one’s butt bones before it actually provides any comfort. So I know my butt will pay for this seat over the next couple weeks. Alas, it is well worth it.

So now Chops and I have matching seats! Next up in my project to level up my bike — matching brown handlebars. Then a new bikeframe (I think light teal!) that will match the brown better. And then nice saddlebags so I can carry my groceries home :) *s

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