The awesome peeps at Brightest Young Things must like Em and my shoes, yay! This is probably the third occasion where they’ve included a photo of just our ankles + shoesies when posting a montage of pics from a show. Below is the latest one, courtesy of Alex Lee from the Run For Cover show at Black Cat last weekend (shoes are pale pink pumps…courtesy of Jessica Simpson hehe).

I remember buying these purple legwarmers at some warehouse department store in NY and the cashier said “These are really cute. But I’ve never actually seen anybody wear legwarmers.” Lucky for me I’ve had occasions now and then to dress up in full-blown ’80s attire, and so my legwarmer collection gets some facetime. Case in point, here’s the BYT photo from last year’s Run For Cover, where we covered The Legwarmers cover band(!), and again … went all out with the ’80s garb. My friend David wore his Members Only jacket. Of course. I wore my hot pink legwarmers :) Unfortunately, the color got monochromed out in the pic below (yellow wedge sneaker pumps from Rebel, photo by Stephanie Breijo):

Despite what one might think about the wearability of legwarmers, they can actually be really useful and versatile …yes even 2-3 decades later. In other words, you’re not limited to wearing them over tights with a neon sweatband, side ponytail and duffel bag. You can also wear them inside boots so they barely peep out of the top, to add a splash of color. In the winter, I wear dark legwarmers over dark tights – it’s great when I’m wearing a dress or skirt and need to stay warm on my commute. Because they’re dark, it’s very subtle and you still keep to a very classic conservative winter look, if that’s your daytime work style. And once you get to the office you just pull them right off and you’re ready to go! (or leave them on if you’re so inclined).

Perhaps one day I’ll do a post on the many ways to wear legwarmers without becoming an anachronism personified. I apparently have a legwarmers fetish (the same way I do with bags!). My shopping buddy Kheng Mei, who takes trips with me to NYC solely to shop, always says, “Another pair of legwarmers??” as we’re leaving a store. Um… yah. But they’re a different colooooooooooor. And different fabriiiiic. You’re a girl so you should understand! *s

While I’m at it, here are some more of Alex Lee’s pics of our Any Money band at Run For Cover.

These two are courtesy of yours truly from a side vantage point…

And finally a few pics of the other cover bands that included DC comrades of Exit Clov back in the day:

Members of Bellman Barker/Black Hills in this Phil Collins/Peter Gabriel mashup

Members of Tereu Tereu in The Who cover band

Members of The Aquarium, Faraquet, Medications, and of course Dennis Kane as The Doors

These are mine again!

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