I wanted to showcase a few of the latest pieces of jewelry that my cousin Ellen made. She’s visiting for a few days from LA, and I was delighted that she bore gifts when she arrived on my doorstep! Of course, these particular gifts here were extra special because she designed and made them by hand, utilizing one of the greatest inventions of all time … Shrinky Dinks :)

I love how the designs are modern and minimalist. There is an intensely geometric aesthetic to them. I was searching for the appropriate art terminology to describe the style but could only come up with “De Stijl, Except With Triangles” instead of squares and rectangles (hehe). I told her to start an Etsy shop…like yesterday.

This pic here is just for size reference… (I happened to have a guitar pick lying idle, which made for a way mo’ funner size reference than a quarter!)

And the top necklace happened to go pretty decently with my outfit du jour:

This is another pic of the same outfit at work earlier in the day, while lunching outside on a stone terrace by our office. Em and I are planning to start doing some fun blog features, like “Outfit Du Jour,” just for kicks and also hopefully to share inspiration with other mousy fashionistas!

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