a few weeks ago, we made a happy discovery in our neighborhood — a Pinkberry yogurt shop, just a couple blocks down from us in korea town. we always saw people emerging from the store with beaming faces, hovering over their large cups of icy, kaleidoscopic deliciousness. apparently, it’s all the craze on the west coast, so says a cousin of mine in LA.

sven being a hopeless sugar fiend, we ended up trying it. indeed, the yogurt was delightfully refreshing and yummy! pinkberry offers a choice of original- or green tea-flavored yogurt, with a colorful array of fruit or sugary toppings. it’s kind of pricey, but well worth the cost on a hot summer night.

a couple weeks later though, we noticed a curious new shop opening just a few doors down from Pinkberry. the similarities were uncanny! it had the same bright neon white lighting, futuristic sort of decor, and like pinkberry, it was bustling with asians. a closer look revealed it was a new yogurt shop by the name of……. Red Mango.

too weird. the name formula was the same: color, followed by fruit. the whole experience was also identical down to the yogurt flavors, the mini weigh stations used to measure each yogurt cup to precision, and the shop decor. that’s not cool, we thought. a loser copycat restaurant, so quickly and just down the street, trying to get in on the yogurt action.

Pinkberry must be pissed, and rightfully so. right? wrong… after some Internet research, we discovered that Red Mango was actually founded in Seoul, Korea in 2002. Pinkberry was founded a few years later in Los Angeles. naturally, we couldn’t resist another excuse to eat more yogurt and decided to design our own 2008 RedMango-Pinkberry Yogurt-Off: green tea yogurt with raspberry, mango and mandarin orange toppings.

Sven and i took turns administering the blindfolded yogurt test. 5 consecutive taste tests each, to identify which one was more tasty. we were accurate in our answers (i was 4 for 5, he was 5 for 5).

and the winner? [drumroll] Red Mango! we agreed Red Mango’s green tea yogurt was more intensely flavorful and creamy. the texture admittedly was more difficult to assess since they were sort of melted by the time we reached the apartment. it’s not that pinkberry was bad — it’s still quite yummy). just that redmango is tastier in a head-to-head battle. plus, Red Mango is slightly cheaper than pinkberry.

Written by weepingstar



hahaha. you guys are funny. they just opened a red mango on campus. haven’t tried it yet but will soon!


zoh. i just took a study break and got some red mango. red mango IS creamier! BUT that means i like pinkberry better! it’s a little too creamy for me…the kind of creamy that becomes a phlegmy bubble in the back of my throat. ick! …but it’s still pretty tasty.


don’t forget about the grand daddy’s of the industry, TCBY and Yogen Fruz, which have been around a lot longer. Add them to the taste test!


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