After our show on Saturday, the Chocosol vendor on site at Toronto’s HarbourFront Centre was so nice and offered us (Exit Clov) each a complimentary cup of “ice chocolate” and bar of handcrafted chocolates! All made from cacao that was “horizontally traded through friendships with farmers and communities from southern Mexico.” (Aw, don’t it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside?)

Read a recent Torontoist article for more on their social enterprise model and the traditional Mayan chocolate production method on which the company is founded. Our favorite part about the company:

“The majority of the Chocosol staff have traveled to southern Mexico to meet the farmers whose beans they work with. Virtually every step of Chocosol’s process is designed with an intercultural, ecological perspective in mind. All farmers are paid above fair-trade organic wages, and offered annual contracts where they dictate their terms and conditions. The cacao is grown according to forest stewardship methods that preserve biodiversity, in keeping with Mayan tradition. In Toronto, the chocolate production creates minimal waste—all refuse from the kitchen is composted, and the finished product is wrapped in completely biodegradable packaging. Chocosol’s kitchen space also serves as a location for community meals, book readings, and food education sessions.”

The kind vendor (incidentally the proud new father of twins, yay) said the goodies were ‘on the house’ for working so hard and being the minstrels of the evening. If only everyone appreciated musicians like this, indeed the world would be a better place…

The ice chocolate was a perfect refreshing topping to our outdoor performance. It was so tasty too, we were inclined to take home two bags of fair trade coffee, bagged in adorably crinkly, biodegradable packaging from the Sierra Sur region of Oaxaca, Mexico. What a treat!



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