Bizzle #1 (aka Em) with a new colorful stripey tank (bangin’ bargain alert: $7 Forever XXI) and baggy blue jeans that, um, aren’t supposed to be baggy but she’s got no meat to fill it. New York skyline in the background (priceless, haha). The necklace is the one handcrafted by our cousin Ellen, which we wrote about a couple weeks ago.

Nothin’ like a comfy tank top while romping around Toronto, exploring a new city. I (suz) snapped this pic while we were in line waiting for food at a vendor. I like the color coordination with her yellow bag!

… as well as the bright dangly feather earrings that pop against the dark hair. The benefits of being a brunette!

This was during Sunday soundcheck at the Harbourfront. It was one fine day indeed. I walked along the boardwalk and watched the water sparkle (see below). Made me so happy to be alive. Why, in fact, Em’s yellow and white sweater ( matched my mood exactly. 😮 But her accessory of the day — the real main event — was the pretty red Nord, which is known to make some pretty nasty sounds (hehe).

Ahem… these are the shoes I wore for the same show. Blood red! The heels are way too high for me, as I am a clumsy turd who regularly trips on her own guitar and mic cables even wearing sneakers. But these are hard to leave at home. You may be wondering about the chameleon dude chillin’ in the shoe. He was 1 of 5 little chameleon Gunds we got as gifts after the show. Very cute.

The rest of my clothes that day. I like. Big. Skulls. The back of the tank top is even cooler because it’s a backless hoodie heehoo.

And it wasn’t too hot to wear my bandana around my neck! I figured I’d be in a van for 8-9 hours the rest of the day, so I might as well be comfy. (Em caught me red-handed here, stuffing my face with Taiwanese pork and rice)

Also I hadn’t done the two-buns thing in awhile so I thought I’d do it… as my personal private throwback to my own self, circa 2007.

Earlier in the day, I had on my PostPostModern acrylic necklace, which I gleefully acquired from Brookadelphia at Crafty Bastards a few years back. And dear me… as I search for the correct link right now, it appears Brookadelphia are no longer! Or at least they have disappeared from the Internets. A cryin shame. My necklace broke in half a year or two ago, but thankfully I was able to superglue it back together.

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I love this outfit and I love you guys’ taste in geenral, but I have to wonder about these “day to night” outfits. All the fashion mags and blogs seem to run one of these every week. This “problem” gets tackled so often!! Is there really that much going out to glitzy places straight from work??? Really?? Me, I go home, have a shower… I can still get to the glitzy place by 7 p.m., if indeed anyone starts partying that early, which they don’t.


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