Went on a cooking binge this weekend. I’m like unstoppable with my cooking skills or something … seriously come over for dinner sometime.

But first, Mei and I stopped by the Hillyer Art Space for its 2008-2009 opening night on Friday, and tasted a little subculture of visual artists and their patrons. The gallery’s tucked away in a little alleyway in Dupont Circle.

All the catered free food from Zaytinya (Greek fare, fittingly) was gone, of course. Shux! What a waste. But I did get to feed my brain on the Fragmented Light photography exhibit by Maro Vandorou. The photographs were mounted on large delicate sheets of precious pale paper, handmade from the fibers of gampi bush (apparently, and it’s found only in the wild in Japan).

The ancient Keramicos cemetery in Athens, Greece. Headless statues. Gravestones. I was in heaven. The paper sheets were billowing from the light breeze through the open entrance. It was all quite ghostly. All quite enrapturing…

… if not for the live dj (DJ SteveLove) turning the place into a dance party. (DJ SteveLove’s one of the dj’s at Nouveau Riche dance night at the Hotel).

So anyway…

ORDER OF THE DAY: Parmesan-encrusted catfish fillets
CHEFS: Me and Kheng Mei

Mei and I were about to go to dinner somewhere until she spotted the big fat brick that is my Joy of Cooking recipe book in my car. So change of plans… we found an easy recipe for fish, took a quick trip to the new Harris Teeter in Adams Morgan and an hour later were saying, ‘wow, we’re like pretty good.’

First dip the catfish into a mixture of 1 egg and 2TB of milk. Then coat it in a mixture of toasted breadcrumbs, parmesan, chopped parsley, salt and pepper.

Then cook it in a little bit of butter 3 minutes on each side… and voila!

Mei chomps down and gives the thumbs up

Then she also had energy to recreate the caramel pear crepes she made the night before.

The next night, Ryan and I baked softshell crabs and rice pilaf… CHEFS: Me and Ryan.
Here are the crabs sitting pretty at the grocery store. They stank like some motherfruggers though hee!

Good thing they were already dead or I would cry if I had to drown them in scalding water!

Baked crabbies fresh out of the oven! They looked so mushy.

and yum! softshell crabs and rice pilaf

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