The smoked salmon from Pike Place Market in Seattle is DEE-LICIOUS with a capital D. And more. Chops spent a few days visiting his friend in Seattle this past week, and lucky for us East Coasters he brought back a pound of this smoked salmon from the famous market!


When I opened up the paper package, I wasn’t quite ready for so much oil – it was such a mess! But a most delightful mess at that. I was actually picturing the tidy slices of smoked salmon you get in a package from Whole Foods or something. But this was dripping with oil, and all natural fish oil! Chock full of omega-3. This seafood lover (me) was practically salivating. It warn’t cheap neither, something like $30/lb.


After chowing down on it, I spent a half hour researching whether they sell this kind of smoked salmon online, so we could enjoy this more often without having to fly across the country. The jury is still out on that but we’ll be sure to let you know if we find out. Thanks Chops for this delicious treat!

The history behind Pike Place Market is so great. It was created way back in 1907, but the story behind its creation I think would resonate really well with the perspective of this generation – getting produce and meat direct from the farmer or producer. From the Pike Place Market website:

Between 1906 and 1907, the cost of onions increased tenfold. Outraged citizens, fed up with paying price-gouging middlemen too much for their produce, found a hero in Seattle City Councilman Thomas Revelle. Revelle proposed a public street market that would connect farmers directly with consumers. Customers would “Meet the Producer” directly, a philosophy that is still the foundation of all Pike Place Market businesses.

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