I spent this past Saturday cleaning out a messy “storage” area in the corner of the kitchen which has been an eyesore for the last year. So much so that a little mouse appears to have taken up residence amid the mess! But I digress…

I took advantage of my cleaning rampage to also finalize a pile of clothes I’ve been meaning to donate to a local thrift store. While going through it, I fawned over some pieces that I’d forgotten I had, and of course that always makes the piece of clothing seem more precious than when I used to see it in my closet day-in day-out. A few pieces even seemed cute enough to take pics of and post for sale. Here are a couple of them!

This is a skirt from Hollister Co. that I got way back when, I can’t even remember. Size 0. 70% acrylic, 30% wool. White and blue woven houndstooth pattern. Now how often do you come across white and teal houndstooth? Once in a blue moon! So it must be a blue moon today.

So I was going to sell it for $15, but given Hollister’s embarrassing racist male models at the opening of their new store in South Korea last week, the value of their skirt has significantly diminished. Boo Hollister. Next time, hire models that not only look good but are actually intelligent and socially/culturally aware. Besides, intelligence and education MAKES you look good, regardless of how you look physically. So $5 it is.

White invisible zipper.

Even the spare button is still attached.

All day we were pretty lame. Something like:
Q: Hey, do you think this is cute?
A: OMG yeah, that’s really cute.
Q: Really? I mean, yeah I think it’s pretty cute too, but then I was thinking I just have too many clothes and not enough space, you know?
A: Yeeeah, maybe you’re right, I mean it IS super cute, for sure, I really like it. But then again you know if you’re not feeling it then of course maybe you should give it away…but yeah it’s definitely cute.
Q: Yeah that’s what I mean. Like it’s totally super cute but I definitely have a lot of other cute things too already so…

In other words…be thankful you weren’t there for these conversations. And here is a pretty pink dress. It has a lacey floral-print outer piece with a pink inner lining. Size 3. Polyester and rayon. Selling for $15.

Very likely this random brand hasn’t lived to see today. This dress was purchased a long time ago, and as you can see Em and I never ended up wearing it. It’s from Marshall Field‘s (remember that department store?) and the tag says Made in U.S.A.!

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