Crafty Bastards is coming back around! SAVE THE DATE: Sunday, Sept. 28. I can’t contain my excitement! But it also brings back memories of the June festival when Tina Seamonster and I were trying to crash blog all the vendor Q&As in time for the festival.

This time around we have some funny questions and we’re asking vendors to pick out one of their products that they want to spotlight. You can see the spotlights as they go up at the Crafty Bastards blog.

Here’s a fun one from El Jefe. You might recognize his style from show posters around town. It uses AC/DC’s trademark logo to spoof the whole ‘Obama the Rockstar’ ridiculosity.

Incidentally, I was at the My Morning Jacket show this month at DAR Constitution Hall (amazing show, I found myself traversing Neptune at the peak of their 12th space jam), and Ryan got their show poster. Who else was the artist but DC’s own El Jefe? :) It had a nice ‘nerdy is sexy’ vibe with the librarian reading a book called ‘Evil Urges’. tsk tsk tsk.

Back to Crafty, check this link to see all the vendors that will be there. I’ve already done some shopping and know what I’m going to get! Of course, imoM will have a booth, and we just might have our LOVE necklaces for sale!

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