Per the Twitter alert by @DistrictBean last night, I was gleeful that the folks at The Bike Rack were offering free coffee this morning for bike commuters at the corner of 14th & Q NW. What’s more, the coffee would be sourced from Peregrine Espresso, where I sometimes stop on the ride to work anyway to fill my thermos with hot steaming joe to last the day.

Sure enough, we made a detour from our recent 15th Street route and found the little coffee stand with a handful of bike riders chillin and chattin. Fortunately or unfortunately, the friendly coffeestand girl informed us that they were a bit overwhelmed by the response! The number of bike riders stopping for coffee sent their coffee person running back and forth between the stand and Peregrine Espresso to brew new batches.


So we didn’t have time to wait for the new batch, but thankfully she mentioned they would continue to do these coffee stands for bikers through the winter. So we’ll be back, no doubt!

Aww. Found this on The Bike Rack’s Facebook page:

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