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Phone Conversation I had with someone. This is the voice on the other end:

Can I ask you just one little question? Are you large? I’ve been ___ probably before you were even around. Comprende? You probably know me. You’ve probably read about me on TV. I’m back. Hey Brittany. This is Brittany. Brittany, can you take this woman’s phone number? Voice in the background ‘Yeah.’ Can I ask you something? You sound like an intelligent person. And you’re a cutey. This is Brittany, she and I are going to be partners. We’re going to be the best of friends. Me: ‘That’s great.’ Really? Do you really think so?

The guy on the line was sort of what I imagine Ralph Reed would sound like if he were a right wing pimp (which he prolly is). Very intimidatingly aggressive in a calm and totally insane way.

Someone also asked me the other day if I knew when Congress was going to be back in session… um no but why would that be pertinent to you? …oh… ah yes. im a little slow today.

Also I’d never heard of a company that offered ‘gangbang’ as a service until today.

What can I say. Things get interesting.

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