Busy! We’ve been busy. Which explains why new posts have been paltry of late. Nevertheless here is a good excuse for why.

This is a slick new video by Charlie Michael featuring some DC trickers and bboys doin’ it in Rock Creek Park. Tricking apparently is an art form that mixes martial arts, gymnastics and dance. Pretty cool stuff. But I ain’t even done yet… this video also features Skullshaker‘s debut track!! Doin’ It In The Park, which I’ve alluded to in the past. I sang, Chops produced.

If you hadn’t guessed, the tune is a tribute to the DC anthem ‘Rock Creek Park‘ by The Blackbyrds. You know it… “doin’ it in the park, doin’ it after dark, rock creek park…” (psst if you go dine at Blackbyrd at 14th & U St, and are as detail-oriented and overly analytical like me, you’ll notice these lyrics at the wee bottom of your check at the end of the night)

You can support our skullshakin’ cause and get the song for $1 at our bandcamp page – skullshaker.bandcamp.com. Below is the artwork for the single which we commissioned Bat Boulandi to produce. Some serious magic in it. Love it!

Written by devotchkaa

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