…and i was the victim of a bangs butchery.

i found this salon couple weeks ago called Bang Salon. it was on the Internetss. i liked it a lot on the whole and i’d definitely go back. :) i’m just still lamenting the precious inch of my bangs that are still lost in some salon dumpster, wondering why i abandoned them.

suz and i decided to have some fun with our double cuts, so we did some before/after shots.

SUZ – before:

SUZ – after:

k well, suz looked pretty much like she never got a haircut.

ME – before:

ME – after:

gasp. MY BANGS!!! yes. i was the victim of a bangs massacre. this photo is generous too, with the camera angle. i had to take it like 10 times to get a minimally weird one because Sven insisted on evidence of the disaster. he said it was ‘cute,’ which, translated from bf speak means, “yeah kinda weird, but since you’re my girlfriend….” :)

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