With jerk chicken and curried goat heavy on the brain, we decided to bite the bullet before our Thanksgiving trip to Jamaica and do a 3-day juice cleanse. After researching a few top contenders, we picked BluePrint Cleanse: their juice is 100% raw, organic, and unprocessed. The shop emphasizes nutrition over deprivation and is environmentally conscious in how they package their yummage — all fuzzy, warm, happy things.

So, we’re keeping fingers crossed that we get through these 3 days, giving our digestive systems a rest from breaking down solid food and chance to absorb all these yummy enzymes while giving the boot to those good-fer-nuthin’ toxins, yay. At least that’s the theory behind it, let’s hope it really happens.

Sven, Suzi Q, and I ordered the Foundation cleanse, designed for intermediates. Day 1 is almost complete . My favorite so far is the spicy lemonade (cayenne is pretty darn peppery — an odd, ticklish sensation on the throat and tummy when coupled with ice cold lemonade). The award for my least fave, though not as bad as I expected, was the Green Juice. Talk about packing a power punch though: romaine, celery, cucumber, apple, spinach, kale, parsley, and lemon. What we’re sure will take the cake though, is the sixth and final “cashew milk” drink to end the day.

The drinks arrived, wrapped neatly and snugly in insulation and tiny ice packs. The packaging and branding, I must say, were immaculate. Clean design, baby blue, clear, and easy to open.


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After some mishap with FedEx, my juice shipment finally arrived too! Day 1 is tomorrow for me. They really do a great job with the packaging, the whole concept. Even the heavy-duty insulation packaging they used is 100% recyclable. BPC? Something like that. Reviews of our expeirence to follow hopefully! :)


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