I’ve never been such a sucker for sales as I seem to be this holiday season. I hope it’s not because I’m somehow consuming more in general. That would suck. But a better story would be that I’m just being more efficiently targeted than ever by the brands and companies that I actually sign up to follow.

Here are some sweet deals that Bizzle and I have already taken advantage of, or at least plan to. I looked this list over just now and realized it encompasses all 3 prongs – eat, make and wear! 🙂

  • Craftsy Online Classes – All classes $19.99 or less. Until midnight Monday Nov. 26.
  • Clinique – Buy any 1 item and get 3 free mini’s + a 4th at checkout. Promo Code: DRY
  • Icebreaker – 20% off everything. 30% off anything black. Until midnight Sunday Nov. 25.
  • BluePrint Cleanse – 20% off a single cleanse set of 6 bottles. Until Dec. 3. Promo Code: THANKSDRINKING
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