Em and I were in NYC this past weekend to get some stuff done. We met up with Brett in Chelsea to talk with the guys from Stylecaster.com about an upcoming project together.

Brett was fashionably late…excuse the pun, and it was pretty brisk outside, so Em and I went to shiver and wait across the street in this little courtyard.

Finally, Brett comes trotting over carrying an old punk bass with only 2 bass strings. Crossing the street on our way inside!

Admittedly I knew very little about the whole concept behind Stylecaster except that it’s about style and good music, so what’s not to like? I was apparently in for a surprise. Sitting in a room with Josh Sternfeld (film director, NYU film prof) and Jason Perlman (producer), and listening to their ideas for how to work together, was like sitting on a trampoline and having them jump around us until the three of us started to bounce and yeehaw and grin as we bounced higher and higher. I felt like punching my fist in the air with ‘we goan do it!’ gusto. It was frighteningly infectious.

So the idea is to lend our tunes for these shorts to promote Stylecaster. The website itself is a whole ‘nother story, which I don’t really feel qualified to explain. But suffice it to say it’s very integrated, uber-titillating and hi-tech (Pre-register here before the launch if you’re already fascinated). As we took a tour of their new office space, there was apparently a big meeting going on with someone described as Kanye West’s ‘philosopher.’

crappers… the rest of the photos had to be taken down and embargoed. it’s top secret! sorry.

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