So when two of our bandmates left for New York, all hell broke loose in the Clov camp. But from the molten disarray rose an exceptionally brilliant idea … to switch off weekend practices in DC and New York.

For those of us traveling that weekend, we’d meet for 3-4 hour practice each day and the rest of the time we could go … mm say.. shopping… or go sit in a coffeeshop. or go frolick with a loved one!

After the Stylecaster meeting, we headed over to Bushwick in Brooklyn to see John’s place for the first time. All the gear was set up and ready to go. But 5 minutes before we got there, the lights blew out! grr. We sat around for a bit, but I had to run off to catch the Beanstalk show at The Delancey. 5 min after I left, whaddya know the lights are back on.

(the Beanstalk show)

I regretted not getting to meet John’s Asian old lady landlord (who’s Korean, I had to explain to them, despite John’s confidence that she was ‘totally Chinese’).

The view out the window when the lights were out. That’s the JMV train I think:

The next day’s practice was as scheduled. John had everything set up for headphone practice, meaning we could all hear each other only through headphones. Anyone listening in would have been weirded out by the muffled thumping from John’s electronic drums and Em and my strange improv vocals.

Aaron soundchecking his geetar. In the distant horizon of the apartment, Brett and Mary Beth on their laptops:

Look! Me on the electronic drums. My attempt at playing a disco beat. Too bad you can’t hear me playing:

We took a break and the boys decided to answer the eternal burning question of how to get out onto the adjacent roof through the window. It was at least 5 feet down, and the big mystery was whether the roof would fall through once you put your weight on it. That would suck. Luckily, Brett survived:

Em meanwhile was looking up boutiques to hit after practice in Brooklyn:

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