I’ll be joining Bellflur on violin/vox at their headlining show tonight at Iota! This is Carlos ‘double-fisting’ on synths during practice. Apparently one Nord Electro isn’t enough… and the MS2000 isn’t even on a stand. It’s just in his arms.

The show’s especially exciting because it’s Bellflur ‘Big Band’ — their usual vintage gear, effects pedals guitars, and blips, along with guests on trumpet, vocals, me on violin & vox, and my friend Dave Curtin of Sunchild. I practiced with them Tuesday night at the Bellflur mansion.

The mansion’s always a little spooky, but that night I could hear them practicing from outside so Carlos wasn’t answering my 3 nervous calls while I waited on the cavernous porch and surrounding woods. It didn’t help that Ryan and I have been watching the True Blood series… yikes!

Here’s Eamonn playing keys. He’s been engineering Bellflur’s new record and is ex-Bonapartes for those who remember the DC band that sorta dissolved before their time.

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