I still can’t believe it… but here’s proof 🙂 –> http://exitclov.bandcamp.com/. It’s been a real journey through this album, but really what album isn’t a journey? Ask any band, I suppose. And it always takes longer than you planned.

The songs on this album were mostly written the year after Memento Mori came out in 2010, but they were recorded over probably 15+ trips to NY over the next two years. We would set up long weekend sessions at Headgear studio in Brooklyn — basically commit to checking our personal stress, baggage, and issues at the door, and to just focus on playing and recording our music for the time we were there. It was mildly bewildering that we’d been playing together for almost a decade. We knew the drill. Em, Brett and myself need our coffee and Internet. Aaron needs an instrument in his hands at all times to noodle on. John needs to direct the agenda for the day, who’s going to record when, how we’re going to mic the instrument, etc. And Aaron often likes to come into the recording room to sit and make faces while Em and I are recording our vocal or guitar parts.

The whole process sort of tested all 5 of us in our commitment to the band, since we’ve all got our own busy lives and projects going on too. But hopefully this is a sign that we’ve succeeded because the friggin album is here!

A very special thanks to John and his team Keith Rigling, Lea Thomas and Chris Abell who put the final finesses on the songs during the mixing phase. It’s a great feeling to say that we truly made this album in-house on our own.

And lastly, join us for the record release show at Strathmore Mansion next Friday, Feb. 1! Alongside Bellflur & friends!

Written by devotchkaa

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