i can’t wait to realize that this nightmare of an election is just one big social experiment to see if an American democracy can put a vapid robot in office. I thought Biden took over the election with his debate performance, hands down. I felt exhilarated. And yet the post-debate recaps on the Post are conceding that Biden thankfully avoided gaffes and that Palin has redeemed herself by appearing confident. Sure she talked confidently and had a few solid, trained arguments, but if you listen closely, half of the time she wasn’t talking about anything. It was the kind of empty, over-broad rhetoric that you would do in a highschool faux UN meeting when everybody’s knowledge is totally limited because you’re obviously a kid, and what we’re all really watching is someone learning to perfect the art of bullshitting to get that good grade. And looks like she got that good grade. People fell for it! Biden, on the other hand, was extremely articulate, pointed out McCain’s track record on regulation and taxes, had great quips like ‘the bridge to nowhere,’ but also had the lengthy, detailed exposition to back his arguments up. And it’s not that Palin isn’t articulate, it’s just that it’s impossible to be articulate about something if you have no idea what you’re talking about. Instead, she could only convey this strange, heady belief – i just know – that we are fighting the right war and that our awesome commanding generals will know when it’s that time to withdraw. On the gay issues, she came across completely provincial, like the person you know who smiles politely to her gay acquaintance and cringes the moment she leaves. As for keeping government out of your life, how about applying that to gays’ and women’s choices?

Em was in London on a different time zone so she couldn’t watch the debate. I’m just going to give her this paraphrased quote as a wrap-up:

“Hey, can I call you Joe? I am a maverick and we need to protect American democracy, because it is the most beautiful and grand thing in the world and no country can ever stop our love of freedom and tolerance, and we need to fight the terrorists and protect our country because the American people are the greatest in the world and deserve the best because our Founding Fathers were awesome and they were smart and therefore you should trust us because we are mavericks and you betcha. wink wink. can we talk about energy again? and so therefore in conclusion that is why America should vote for me to be vice president of the United States.”

This election has been a flashy, glamorous one with fascinating characters and a lot of rockstar appeal to the masses, but this debate was a very dark moment. I see Matt Sesow paintings, Hunter S. Thompson, or a Franz Kafka-esque scene, where the characters’ actions are bizarre and strangely engrossing to watch but the underlying implications are so incredibly chilling.

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Actually, Howard Fineman put it well: “Using attack lines she had carefully rehearsed, drawing on a decade of conservative sound bites and dismissive rhetoric, Palin dashed through 90 minutes without having to expose her lack of detained knowledge, blasting away at Biden. Moderator Gwen Ifill rarely followed up, and the format–a strict two minutes for answers–insured that the pace was what Governor Palin wanted: frantic.” http://blog.newsweek.com/blogs/racetothefinish/archive/2008/10/03/palin-scored-points-but-she-didn-t-win.aspx


yeaah. scary thing is that i bet a good chunk of america ate it up.

hope you’re not too lonely without em!


the fact that biden didn’t “destroy her”…. and the fact that obama didn’t “destroy” mccain….goes to show that the democratic ticket is weak. their foreign and economic policies are VERY similar….and neither candidate acknowledges the bailout is a fraud.

but clearly there is a lesser of two evils, and biden was the winner of the meaningless vp debate.


metrosensual! there are monumental differences as to which direction these two tickets would take us. Not just their policies but how they would respond to critical situations such as a financial and/or military crisis. Sure Obama/Biden aren’t as “left” as they could be. But Nader’s whole platform in 2000 was that Gore and Bush were two heads of the same political party. Our country would be in a very different place politically, globally, environmentally and maybe financially if Gore had been in charge of responding to 9/11. but you would argue 9/11 was an inside job so … kind of hard to have a discussion on that 😉


metrosensual, the fact that no-one was “destroyed” in either of these debates has more to do with the format of the debates themselves which really are designed to prevent that from even being possible (especially in the case of the VP debate with the incredible restrictions like only 2 minutes to respond to the other candidate, and the neutering of Gwen Ifill by the complaints that she might be biased because she’s writing a book on black politicians that shockingly might include something about Obama).

If there’s absolutely nothing else that can compel you to decide who to vote for, just consider what kind of Supreme Court justices Obama/McCain would nominate vs. McCain/Palin.


9/11 was very possibly an inside job, either through compliance or direct involvement. i’m not saying i know what really happened, but i ask questions b/c 9/11 is the single most important event in american history. it directly changed our constitution, our economy, our international reputation, etc etc etc.

1. NORAD stands down, why?
2. insider trading prior to 9/11 and suspicious selling of airline stock
3. building 7 falls same way the others do but was not hit by a plane, pentagon has 100+ cameras around it but ZERO footage of the plane hitting the building
4. massive deception and lies post 9/11, iraq war invasion planned prior to 9/11, instantly pass patriot act, need for “new pearl harbor” to justify killing constitution and WAR, project for a new american century (http://www.prisonplanet.com/analysis_louise_010603_pnac.html)

and so on, and so on….i guess i’m CRAZY for thinking that the most corrupt administration ever is lying to us (as they did to get us into iraq).

and regarding the candidates….i actually really like obama. he could be just what this country needs, and i pray to GOD he wins b/c the alternative is disaster.


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