I discovered a charming little stamp shop in the East Village called Casey’s Rubber Stamps. So neat that a lovable place like this has survived and can still thrive in Manhattan. Check out a brand new 1.25″ logo stamp we custom-ordered for a measly $12!

I’ve never tried to custom order a stamp before, but was buoyed by the positive Yelp reviews of Casey’s. Indeed, the stamps were so easy to custom order. And very reasonably priced too! Within an hour or two of submitting our design, I received an email from the shop, saying my stamp would be ready for pick up that night.

The shop was literally the size of a large, narrow walk-in closet. Upon entering, your senses are ambushed by the sound of wood cutting and the musty smell that gives away just how many years the shop has been in operation. Then there’s the sight of the floor-to-ceiling wall of stamps:

Seated at the back of the shop was a heavy-set man with white hair and glasses. None other, I presumed, than the man himself: Casey. By some miracle, I managed to finagle my way between all of 5 cramped bodies in the shop to pick up my stamp. A sweet strawberry blonde curly-haired sales girl found my tiny stamp imprint somewhere on the 3 pages full of custom stamps awaiting pickup:

On my trip back to the doorway, a side passageway revealed a man cutting blocks of wood, presumably for future custom stamps. Cool!

More stamps on my way out. They also use real rubber for their stamps, which supposedly offers better stamped impression than the plastic stuff.

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