Mousybabe are Em and Suzi Hsu, identical twin sisters in NY and DC respectively. We are musicians, writers, artists, and lovers of food, craft, and style.

We started this blog years ago to chronicle the bizarre happenings of our lives as members of our band, Exit Clov. We spent a good many years writing songs, tracking records, booking shows, traversing the country in a van, meeting odd folk, sleeping on floors and couches, and consuming our lion’s share of Sheetz gas station food. And along the way, we built a band family that we love and cherish to this day.

We wouldn’t trade the experience for anything in the world… but at some point we did wonder how long we could sustain this totally rad way of life (read: chaos, poor hygiene, sleep deprivation, temporary hearing loss, sore throats, and never being able to plan anything more than a week out!).

Soooo. We started to pave other paths for indulging our creative penchants and exercising our artistic muscles—like reveling in our closet obsessions with paper goods and pretty linen fabrics. We handcraft cards and design bags and tea towels for our Etsy shop. We also use the blog to amplify all of life’s little joys … like the feeling of a sunny Sunday morning, or a hot cup of coffee after a good meal! … and to take them to the next level, through what we eat, make, and wear.

After all, it’s the little things in life that bring out the full complexities and richness of its flavors, kind of like an extra pinch of hon dashi in a steaming bowl of noodle soup. (Had enough of the food similes?) We hope it brings out the flavors in yours too 🙂

*Suzi is an international trade policy analyst and part-time assistant at a sewing studio in Washington, DC. She loves bats, pigtails, and cooking lentils. She doesn’t like bean sprouts in her pho.
*Em is a writer in the global peace and development field and an enthusiastic amateur vacation planner in New York City. She loves buttered tartines, African accents, and pale pink peonies. She doesn’t like cauliflower ears on her husband, nor sugar in her coffee.

We are also both session musicians (strings and vocals) and freelance copy writers. Email us for our rates and services:

Past video highlights:

* 2009 YouTube Fundraiser for Typhoon Morakot in Taiwan

* MKUltra music video – Exit Clov

* Kickstarter appeal to finish our second full-length records

* Promo video for “imoM” holiday cards

* Myspace account for our side project, The Sounds of Domestic Living

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