Raised Bed Garden Project for Spring 2015

New project this spring that is up and running–an elevated vegetable garden table planter! After a good amount of research, I found this awesome mom-and-pop company in Cali, called Mini Farm Box, that makes all kinds of planters using cedar. It was exactly what I was looking for…perfectly sized for urban homes where you have… Read more »

How to get your dumplings really … bitchy

I could eat dumplings for every meal for the rest of my life, and I think I wouldn’t have one complaint. But sometimes unless your fried dumplings have that delicious crispage underneath (you know what I mean), you’re kind of being cheated of the full deliciousness.

New Pinterest Board — Style Crush!

I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to buy the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts that I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” That said, they have a point…

Elegant Loungewear by the frenchies at BASE RANGE

It’s become a half-facetious project of mine to figure out what might qualify as “elegant loungewear” to wear around the house…

Overlooking Manhattan….

…a rustic vision of French lavender sitting pretty on my windowsill. i <3 farmers markets.

#PutaBirdOnIt: New Set of Cards!

Had myself a little product development sesh this weekend and made a set of new notecards for our etsy shop. Check out the new listing HERE and photos of the work in progress!

  • Mousy Babe Guts the Basement

    As previously mentioned, our mission in Chicago was really to clean out the house so my mom can put it on the market in the foreseeable future and get her butt over to the East Coast. Check out all these classic games we came across while cleaning! (Bingo, SIMON, Sorry!, Mr. Mouth, Twins). It hurts… Read more »

  • Lost Holiday in Chicago

    Mousybabe has been temporarily defunct! Em and I have been home in Chicago hanging with our mom. I’ve charged up for a week but not quite sure if I’m ready to go back out and face the big foul world just yet. I spent my time catching up on my Google Reader feeds, seeing ‘Kooza’… Read more »

  • soup dumpling vampire…

    One of the most joyous things to do in New York City is to eat soup dumplings in Chinatown. As far as I know, there are two places that are famed for these tiny delights: Goodie’s and Joe’s Shanghai. Both are pretty darn yummy — Goodie’s was near empty the two times we went, but… Read more »

  • Back at Inner Ear…

    Last Friday night, suzi and I found ourselves back at Inner Ear Studio, recording strings for fellow musician, Alex Nixon of Zulu Pearls. Produced by Nick Anderson (also of Zulu Pearls), the 3-song record is dubbed Submarine of Survivors — sounds dark and beautiful already… actually, what we’ve heard of it is indeed very beautiful…. Read more »

  • fotos from state theater

    Last week, a photog (by the name of Doug Fox) was kind enough to share photos he snapped of our show at the State Theater. A sign of a music photographer’s skill is finagling a decent shot of the drummer. John got some love from this guy. But it probably helped that the drums were… Read more »

  • Farmer’s Market at Courthouse

    Farmer’s markets are joyful. Seeing colorful little fresh fruits being sold by the very people who dropped their seedlings in the ground and willed them to grow into something that can nourish us — if that doesn’t make you happy then you best go dig your own grave because it doesn’t get any better than… Read more »

  • Folksay: What good wind blew you in?

    It must be the summertime but every weekend lately has been pretty nonstop. I need a second to just chill at home with a glass of pomegranate white tea, some champagne mangos (my fruit of choice of late) and my computer. For all the hullabaloo I made about Folksay, I meant to follow up on… Read more »

  • The Adele Show at Sixth & I

    At the last minute I was called to help out with a promotional event for the sold-out Adele show at the Historic Sixth & I Synagogue. I hadn’t heard much about Adele, but I knew Laura Burhenn was opening. If Laura was going to be playing her solo material, I could use the opportunity to… Read more »

  • ‘Baby, I’m sweating all over you!’

    my job isn’t particularly hard but damned if it isn’t interesting. there’s this woman who places her skeezy ads every week and she’s one of those customers who thinks she’s the best advertiser that ever happened to our company and that she’s entitled to discounts for being a ‘good customer’. the only problem is that… Read more »

  • Crafty Bastards Vendor Party

    The Crafty Bastards vendor party happened last nite! We met up in a little bat cave called Quarry Tavern in Silver Spring. When I got there, there were tater tots on the table, courtesy of Kim, and I thought to myself ‘I’ve come to the right place.’ 🙂 I also got a veggie quesadilla that… Read more »