Raised Bed Garden Project for Spring 2015

New project this spring that is up and running–an elevated vegetable garden table planter! After a good amount of research, I found this awesome mom-and-pop company in Cali, called Mini Farm Box, that makes all kinds of planters using cedar. It was exactly what I was looking for…perfectly sized for urban homes where you have… Read more »

How to get your dumplings really … bitchy

I could eat dumplings for every meal for the rest of my life, and I think I wouldn’t have one complaint. But sometimes unless your fried dumplings have that delicious crispage underneath (you know what I mean), you’re kind of being cheated of the full deliciousness.

New Pinterest Board — Style Crush!

I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to buy the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts that I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” That said, they have a point…

Elegant Loungewear by the frenchies at BASE RANGE

It’s become a half-facetious project of mine to figure out what might qualify as “elegant loungewear” to wear around the house…

Overlooking Manhattan….

…a rustic vision of French lavender sitting pretty on my windowsill. i <3 farmers markets.

#PutaBirdOnIt: New Set of Cards!

Had myself a little product development sesh this weekend and made a set of new notecards for our etsy shop. Check out the new listing HERE and photos of the work in progress!

  • Celebrate Fairfax

    The absurdity of coffee, as spelled out by this plaque in my office kitchen… It makes me chuckle every time I go brew another cup. Not unlike the absurdity of this rollercoaster called Crazy Mouse, in which you sit in these little pods with scary-ass clownish mouse faces, and you scream as it spins you… Read more »

  • ‘you’re singin yer songs to me….’

    oi! so, a nice fan penned a little song for suzi Q, after being inspired by our black cat show on saturday! check it out: www.myspace.com/jacobgemmell – the song is called “Together.” awww, so cute 😉

  • Photos with Ben Ritter

    Had a hard time waking up this morning. Six hours of sleep just doesn’t cut it anymore for this old horse. Em and I had an hour to shower, inhale a tuna bagel and try to come up with some outfits that would pass as minimally stylish by Brooklyn standards. This proved to be a… Read more »

  • The Tree Project

    A creepy life-size figurine in the lobby at Clark Street Playhouse. I was there to see a small production called The Tree Project that I’d heard about, mostly because the art in the lobby featured Tina Seamonster and Kristina Bilonick and other artists. The website for the play was intriguingly cryptic. I kept trying to… Read more »

  • Mousy Things to Do on a Sunny Afternoon

    girl spies boy in the other corner. she should try the pickup line i used today: txt mssg: “do you want 2 get coffee and go 2 library?” txt mssg: “that sounds GREAT!” this appears to be the inaugural installation of a series called ‘Mousy Things to Do’ which recommends great things for like-minded nerdy… Read more »

  • baby’s in nagasaki

    oh dear i just nuked a little bug. and on purpose too that was why it was so horrifying. i’m a monster. my decision was made within a span of a nanosecond or two so there was no time for rationality to really stop me. i had opened the microwave to heat something up and… Read more »

  • Exit Clov Flyers

    did some stealth flyering today. not too shabby! tonight we practiced for the first time in what feels like a month, which was refreshing. everytime we’ve been on vacation for awhile, the first chord we play and the first time i hear my voice coming through the speakers again, i get this rush of very… Read more »

  • Crafty Bastards Vendor Gallery Has Been Posted!

    The official vendor gallery for the Crafty Bastards Festival has been posted! I’m especially psyched to see these booths (in addition to imoM of course): Rebecca Rakstad, who makes postcards with the cutest phrases. Her cards were the first things I bought on Etsy. I love Rebound Designs book bags (literally) but they’re a little… Read more »

  • The Decemberists Cover

    i hit up the Red & the Black last Friday night to see a bill of solo acts… basically a collection of frontmen for four DC bands got together to croon some tunes (Tut Tut, Tereu Tereu, The Beanstalk Library and Meredith Bragg). and croon some tunes they did! call me biased, but the highlight… Read more »

  • LOVE

    We hung one of Mags’s earrings on the new flowers at our dad’s memorial