Raised Bed Garden Project for Spring 2015

New project this spring that is up and running–an elevated vegetable garden table planter! After a good amount of research, I found this awesome mom-and-pop company in Cali, called Mini Farm Box, that makes all kinds of planters using cedar. It was exactly what I was looking for…perfectly sized for urban homes where you have… Read more »

How to get your dumplings really … bitchy

I could eat dumplings for every meal for the rest of my life, and I think I wouldn’t have one complaint. But sometimes unless your fried dumplings have that delicious crispage underneath (you know what I mean), you’re kind of being cheated of the full deliciousness.

New Pinterest Board — Style Crush!

I get occasional hints at work and shopping g-friends that I tend to buy the same version of whatever dress or shirt or skirts that I already have. My response is always, “Well it’s because I know what will work and what won’t for my shape and height!” That said, they have a point…

Elegant Loungewear by the frenchies at BASE RANGE

It’s become a half-facetious project of mine to figure out what might qualify as “elegant loungewear” to wear around the house…

Overlooking Manhattan….

…a rustic vision of French lavender sitting pretty on my windowsill. i <3 farmers markets.

#PutaBirdOnIt: New Set of Cards!

Had myself a little product development sesh this weekend and made a set of new notecards for our etsy shop. Check out the new listing HERE and photos of the work in progress!

  • Was Banksy Here?

    Or maybe it was just a copycat crime 😉 Found on Monroe Street in Columbia Heights, DC.

  • A Merry Visit to the Doughnut Plant

    Last Sunday night felt like a doughnut indulgence sorta night, so we ventured southward to Chelsea to pay a visit to the Doughnut Plant. Sven was scheduled to board a jet plane to Sao Paolo Monday morning anyhow — figured we might as well prep the tummy for the impending onslaught of churrascos and caipirinhas,… Read more »

  • Shipped! Handprinted ‘Thank You’ Cards by Mousybabe

    Just shipped out our latest Etsy order to Lester, Pennslyvania. Set of 10 cards with 10 Kraft envelopes.

  • Making it Work: Setting Up The TV and Bookcase

    Suzi’s decorating a new one-bedroom home and has been sharing her ideas & inspirations (& many fails… ahem) throughout the process. Read her blog posts on this: Suzi’s House Project. I’ve been discovering various idiosyncrasies about this place as we go, some cute, some annoying. But many of which have required some creative DIY-ing. (…yes,… Read more »

  • The Many Faces of Brooklyn

    When we started our house hunting adventure in January, we were afflicted with a myopia for Manhattan. It’s where we’ve rented for years and our friendly neighbor right now just happens to be Mr. Empire State. I guess you could say we’ve been spoiled rotten by the view. No surprise that we were miffed by… Read more »

  • Don’t Hate Me Because My Baozi Are Beautiful

    Forgive me my total inanity sometimes. These meat buns are courtesy of my uncle “Sheegoo” (as in “4th uncle”). He made these from scratch if you can believe it! They were so soft and chewy and delicious. Last Friday I had the day off, so I spent the day with Mama and he carted a… Read more »

  • Some Purdy-Lookin’ Sweets From Last Weekend

    I never really thought to be a huge fan of kiwi, but damned if they ain’t some pretty green fruit. Curious looking too, like little fuzzy brown eggs. In fact, the kiwi concept appears to embody the idea behind a mousy babe hehe. Frumpy and unassuming on the outside, but oh so babelicious. Haha. The… Read more »

  • Letter to Aaron Leeder of Faces Together

    Hey ho, One listen to your new album and we’re reminded why you are our favoritest guitarist ever. Persistently bizarre, off-kilter, beautiful, frustratingly infectious. We go to bed every night in peace, knowing that, at any given moment, somewhere in the world, you are making a lot of people’s unicorns happy … …ahem. Keep up… Read more »

  • The Final Chapter of the Curtain Tales: The Muslin Lining!

    Suzi’s decorating a new one-bedroom home and has been sharing her ideas & inspirations (& many fails… ahem) throughout the process. Read her blog posts on this: Suzi’s House Project. This past weekend I set to work making the muslin lining that will sit behind our linen curtains. This will help to block light and… Read more »

  • Meeting People Is Easy. And Yummy, Apparently.

    I met Alison at an “ugly sweater party” in Baltimore this past Christmas, and we bonded over the fact that we’re both writers and we both have craft, food, lifestyle blogs. We exchanged URLs and whaddya know, a month or so later, I’m trying out one of the recipes featured on her site MarmaladeMagazine.com. And… Read more »